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the screaming orphans!

May 31, 2010

so last saturday night i mozied over to Tír na Nóg on 33rd street to meet my good friend katie whom i hadn’t seen in a year.  she was in town for the weekend and this was my only opportunity to see her.  all she said was “we’re going to see a band, one of my friends is friends with the band”.  the picture in my head did not match what met me.

living in brooklyn and hanging out in wburg and on the lower east side, when i hear “my friend’s band” i think of a loud, douchey, hipster-filled bar with a mediocre rock band playing and a PBR in every hand.  i was so pleasantly surprised to listen to and meet the screaming orphans, four sisters playing irish folk music, awesome covers like “blister in the sun” and “take me home, country roads”, and some impressive original songs. with a loving group of fans (including mr. belding from ‘saved by the bell’, oh yeah, we chilled), i danced the night away.

i had an absolute blast and hope to see them again soon, so keep an eye out!

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