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OMG-why am i still sick?!

April 14, 2010

remnants of what it took to get me asleep last night...don't worry, i recycled the bottles and cans. this was just for dramatic effect.

so i am on day 7 of this bizarre cold/flu, round 2.  this time though i have a monster cough that keeps me (and probably my roommates) up at night.  i went through an entire bottle of nyquil in less than a week…this cannot be good.  is there another doctor visit in my future?  probably, especially if the cough does not go away.

i hate taking over-the-counter meds that just lessen my symptoms because i know that isn’t making me better.  but in order to sleep, i HAVE to take nyquil, and in order to teach i HAVE to take dayquil.  it sucks.  i have today ‘off’ though, so i’m trying to take it easy and hopefully that will get rid of what’s left.  FUCK.

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