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taking things for granted: ONE

April 5, 2010

showers.  today while taking a quick and efficient shower i realized how lucky i was…to be taking a shower.  as a babysitter/nanny for a family with a 9 month old baby, i realize how much i take for granted.  being sans-child is pretty incredible.  i can take showers, and sleep in if i don’t have to go to work, i don’t have to clean up someone elses bodily functions (except my dogs), and i can take long showers.

there are other people who i think don’t have the luxury of shower-taking.  depressed people for instance.  i deal with bouts of depression from time to time and boy am i smelly during those times.  sometimes me and my roommates will compete to see who has gone longest without a shower.  whoever said girls are cleaner than boys was sorely, sorely mistaken.

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  1. Chel-c permalink
    April 6, 2010 12:37 pm

    Dahlia, I truly love you! And miss you like crazy and I hope both of these things are already known and don’t really need to be spoken but, just in case, here it is in writing, too!

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