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slowly, then quickly, going mad.

March 29, 2010

i finally did some laundry.  thank goodness–it was becoming dire straits over here.  how dire?  suffice it to say i was wearing boxers for undies…high waisted boxers with low rise jeans?  sexy.

so i feel a little bit like a crazy person all the time, probably because i am a little crazy (on several levels), but i think being an accomplished woman makes me feel even crazier.  now my automatic reaction after saying ‘accomplished woman’ is to qualify that with well, i’m not that accomplished, i mean, i guess i’m a little bit but it’s not like i’ve done anything that extraordinary–but that’s patriarchy talking.  fuck that shit.  i’m accomplished and i should be ashamed of it, but so many women are plagued with self-doubt and deal with self-deprecation because that’s just ‘how we are’.  nope…nope it’s how we’ve been programmed to be, and that needs to stop.

phyllis chesler explains that maybe ‘mental illness’ in some women is actually just a reaction to the trauma of being fucked with for centuries, and poor ‘mental health’ is one of the many reactions after traumatic events.

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