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dear blog,

March 29, 2010

i’m sorry for neglecting you. i’ve been busy DESTROYING MY LIVER.  no, no, in all seriousness, i’m rather busy and stressed with work and a lack of paycheck.  it’s really bumming me out and has made this semester less than fun for me.

it’s been exactly a month since my golden bday party and my goodness has it all come down hill.  but after such a high it’s kind of to be expected, right?

also, i’m about to hit the 3,000 mark which is pretty cool–it’s been i guess 3 months since i hit the 2,000 mark, which means my blog is maybe getting more traffic?  i dunno…i dunno.

anyways, i’m awake at 5am in the hopes to counteract a potential hangover and because the rain is keeping me awake.  i should probably close my window but the pain it will cause my wrist isn’t work it.  sigh.

things will be okay…things will be okay.  i just need to be more positive.



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