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FUCK it-i’m going home.

March 18, 2010

yep, this about sums it up for me.

okay, i don’t have that difficult of a life…i’m pretty fucking lucky in fact (if you believe in luck).  but i just found out that i’m being completely FUCKED OVER by my job right now.  i’m an adjunct professor and we’re supposed to be paid every 2 weeks.  i’ve been teaching for 3 weeks now and no paycheck.  in fact, i won’t be getting a paycheck for another 2 weeks.  WHAT THE FUCK?  full time faculty is getting paid, but part time adjuncts?  NOPE.  the system is basically ‘borrowing’ money from us.  sure, we’ll be paid for these weeks eventually, but this is no consolation to my bank account which only has money in it because a good friend helped me out.

i walked into class this morning reading this memo letting me know how late i was being paid and almost burst into tears.  i couldn’t teach, i couldn’t put thoughts together, and i felt like i was going to pass out.  i’m so tired and i’m tired about worrying about money and my health and my lack of health care.  i want to curl up in bed, keep the curtains shut, and sleep for days.

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