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a very cranky st. patty’s day

March 17, 2010

that's right, because my motherfuckin' hormones are freaking the shit out! get off my back, fucking patriarchy.

so it’s a fucking gorgeous day in brooklyn.  the sun is shining, the breeze is warm, and it’s 60 degrees; a nice change from the veritable ice age we were living in less than a month ago.  but i am one cranky bastard right now.

i did some work for the striptease studio (office stuff, enjoyable, not cranky there), but on the way home from williamsburg i turned into ms. hyde…everyone was pissing me off.  i didn’t like the way people looked at me, brushed up against me, walked in front of me, walked behind me…fucking everything was making me SO MAD!  WTF?

i just got over a terrible two-week cold and didn’t even get a break before launching into PMS.  motherfucking PMS.  i’m ridiculously exhausted, cranky as shit, and pretty much want everyone in the world to leave me the fuck alone.  awesome way to spend a day a merriment, no?

i’m supposed to go out with my dear friend kelly, and i probably still will, but i am in need of some serious endorphins and an extra dose of patience.


on another note…patriarchy: it is normal for women to have mood swings before and during their menstrual cycles, so back the fuck off and stop making fun of us because you know what?  when i’m not happy, NO ONE IS HAPPY.

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