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it’s my motherfucking BIRTHDAY!!!

February 27, 2010

YAYAYAYAYAY!!!  my day is finally here!  how have i spent it so far?  reading wonderful facebook notes from friends and family, listening and playing some music (me playing rather poorly) with a friend, breakfast with a friend, and receiving phone calls from loved ones.  what a wonderful day so far! as my friend said when he saw me this morning ‘you look like a kid on christmas day’ and you know what?  i FEEL like a kid on xmas day.  i am so sublimely happy about this birthday.  i survived another fucking year and that’s an incredibly glorious feeling.

tonight is my gigantic party.  27 people have RSVPd ‘yes’ on my 27th birthday on the 27th!  that’s right yo!!!  so fucking excited.  i even got a ‘party dress’ which dangerously hugs my womanly curves and i’m taking a bold move by wearing it (i have a tortured relationship with my curves because of the thin-centered patriarchal society we live in.  fucking patriarchy).

i will definitely add pictures from the party to flickr and whatnot, but for now, just check out how cool i am…a cool cat on her 27th birthday!

this is dahlia, the nerd.

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