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the snow…again!

February 18, 2010

view from myrtle/wycoff JMZ platform

so these pictures are actually from last week–i thought i already posted them, but obviously i didn’t.  i’ve been in a little bit of a funk lately, likely from the weather.

i started babysitting a 7 month old boy today in bay ridge.  He’s very, very cute and happy.  The family lives very close to a place called shore road park which has an incredible view of the verazano bridge.  the park is beautiful and covered in snow, and i’d love to go down there and take some pictures but i am going to book it home once i’m done here (the baby is napping, i’m here for another hour, and it takes an hour to get home).

i’ll get some pictures eventually–probably not til the snow is gone though.  it’s a treacherous, icey path to the park!

here is a picture of the school near my house–the same day i took the above picture.  there were giant white flakes falling from the sky all day.  it was incredibly beautiful, and i spent the entire time admiring the snow in my room.  i kind of wish i had gone to prospect park where the recreation department brought sleds out for a few hours…that would have been fun.  but only if i went with someone…if i went alone i’d probably look like a weirdo freak who has no friends…like this guy (film by me).

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