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2 wks til bday also means…

February 16, 2010


yeah, so i was thinking how psyched i was that my birthday was coming only to realize that classes start on march 1st.  this means i have been putting off class prep for almost 2 months…this could be bad?

i basically need to update dates (which i think i did) ad lesson plan for 13 weeks.  okay, this is making me nervous so i have to stop talking about it.

anyway!  i’ve taken on a rather interesting hobby helping a striptease dance studio.  i’m not sure how much information i can share, but i will say that the owner, who is a woman, is particularly interested in my expertise in the field of women and feminist studies.  she would like me to help her create better understanding and language around why she teaches the art of striptease and how to keep it woman-centered.  I’m already developing a sort of feminist reader for her.  this is very exciting.

okay–that was kind of a shitty blog entry.  here, a cute puppy!

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