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February 14, 2010

steps leading up to the park i think???

entrance to prospect park from grand army plaza

so i spent much of last week marveling at how beautiful brooklyn is covered in snow, and  fucking pissed i was that my camera is kind of not functioning properly lately.

yesterday i had a rather cute brooklyn morning.  i went to the Grand Army Plaza Green Market and saw lots-o-snow as well as funky vegetables.  i took some pictures of prospect park covered in snow but unfortunately i was experiencing technical difficulties.  my camera keeps shooting fuzzy shots partly because i keep it on manual focus and my hands were FREEZING (sans gloves in 28 degree weather will

a type of cauliflower...yes, it scared me too.

do that).

grand army plaza is directly across from the brooklyn public library, which i’ve never been to.  I have also never been to the brooklyn museum which is  nearby.  i went to the brooklyn botanical gardens back in the fall but did not have my camera…hmph.

after the market i helped my roommate by being in a short film she’s creating for the brooklyn filmmakers collective.  there were basically 15-20 people in our apartment which is the most i’ve ever seen here.  it was nice to actually host an event (in a sense).  unfortunately she was shooting on our roof and it was colder than a mothah up there!!!

aah, new york in the winter can be beautiful, no?

this just in: National Weather Service has issued winter weather advisory 4 NYC fr 7pm tonight (2/15) to 6pm Tues. (2/16)  3-6 inches of snow possible

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