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god what is your plan for dahlia…

February 11, 2010

one of the many types of dahlias...

so wordpress has this great doodad that tells the user how many people looked at the blog, which posts, and how people were directed to the blog.  the most common searches that brought people here are: williamsburg, wburg bridge, night court,  and a dahlia grows in.  but yesterday someone got to my blog with the phrase: “god what is your plan for dahlia…”  uhm….WHAT?

suffice it to say i am not a ‘believer’ of stuff…11 years of catholic school can do that to a girl.  what a strange search.  so i googled that phrase to see what came up.  my blog was on the 3rd page of the search, so i’m wondering if maybe someone searched within wordpress.  this reminded me of a bizarro book i found while walking around spoonbill & sugartown books in williamsburg.  it’s called the book of dahlia: a novel , and you can imagine my surprise when i read the summary:

“Meet Dahlia Finger: twenty-nine, depressed, whip-smart, occasionally affable, bracingly honest, resolutely single, and perennially unemployed. She spends her days stoned in front of the TV, watching the same movies repeatedly, like “a form of prayer.” But Dahlia’s so-called life is upended by an aggressive, inoperable brain tumor.

Stunned and uncomprehending, Dahlia must work toward reluctant emotional reckoning with the aid of a questionable self-help guide. She obsessively revisits the myriad heartbreaks, disappointments, rages, and regrets that comprise the story of her life — from her parents’ haphazard Israeli courtship to her kibbutz conception; from the role of beloved daughter and little sister to that of abandoned, suicidal adolescent; from an affluent childhood in Los Angeles to an aimless existence in the gentrified wilds of Brooklyn; from a girl with “options” to a girl with none — convinced that cancer struck because she herself is somehow at fault.

With her take-no-prisoners perspective, her depressive humor, and her extreme vulnerability, Dahlia Finger is an unforgettable anti-heroine. This staggering portrait of one young woman’s life and death confirms Elisa Albert as a “witty, incisive” (Variety) and even “wonder-inducing” writer (Time Out New York)”. – From Good Reads.

the book of dahlia: a novel

yeah, uhm…what the fuck?  now this clearly isn’t totally my life.  i am not from an affluent jewish family in los angeles, but i was living in san diego and decided, haphazardly to move to brooklyn…i don’t have a brain tumor (thank goodness)…but there are some striking similarities that made me want to forget the discovery of this book.  i dont know if i could handle reading it…

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  1. February 12, 2010 2:04 pm

    holy shit. how freaky is that.
    i have an obsession with characters with my name as well…

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