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my birday’s comin’, my birday’s comin’!!!

February 10, 2010

i’m so excited about my birthday, you have no idea. 

so 27 is my most favorite number in the whole wide world.  i was born on the 27th and the number 27 is divisible only by odd numbers (does that phenomena have a name?  i was talking to a friend about that and we weren’t sure).  i just love odd numbers.  i don’t like it when things can be divided neatly and evenly…it kind of bothers me.

so i’m having a big bash at the bushwick country club on my birthday.  there’s already a fair number of people who have said they will come, so i’m pretty psyched.

when i was little i used to think i would get married at 28 years old.  i’m not sure how this idea got into my head, but it was there.  i do not feel pressure at all, however, to find a partner in the next year.  in fact, i’m damn proud i haven’t gotten married or had children yet.

speaking of romance, valentines day is coming up.  i have a busy day planned.  i’m gonna go see my friend jon do an improv show, then i’ll be delving into the realm of ultimate geekdom with a few friends…i won’t spoil the surprise though, but i can say it will be AMAZING.

okay, this was a boring post. sorry.  here are some pics of brooklyn in the snow though!!!

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