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cry like a girl.

February 9, 2010

i obviously have some pretty gnarly emotions since i’m not a robot (contrary to what others may think), but there are times where i am just so incredibly sad or angry or happy and can’t seem to get emotions out, particularly the sad and angry.  now as i’ve talked about before, anger is a precarious emotion for women to deal with because it is not ladylike.  so i have all of these fucking emotions clogging up useful brain space and they just won’t come out.  but today, finally, i was able to cry.

my dog triskit got into some food she wasn’t supposed to last night and it pissed me off.  she gets sick so easily, and i knew i’d be cleaning up and worrying about her all night, once again losing an entire night’s sleep (which is exactly what happened).  then i had a LONG day walking around the city and did not particularly enjoy that, a pseudo-date was canceled (not a huge loss, but annoying), and triskit is still sick-ish.    i came home and just started crying.  i cried about this, that, and everything else.  my eyes got puffy, i turned bright red and got very sleepy.  FINALLY!  it’s like i was emotionally constipated (forgive the rather crude simile).

so that was about 10 minutes ago…let’s see if i feel any better.  here’s another emotionally constipated woman.  i like her coping techniques…

shoot thems pigeons!

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