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my love of red bell pepper–thank you colin the politician!

January 5, 2010

almost 3 years ago, i went over to my friend colin’s house for dinner.  the man is an excellent chef and has great taste, but i was quite picky back then.  he was making tofu, red onion and red bell pepper pizza.  #1-i hate onions; #2-wasn’t a fan of red bell pepper either.  however, the way the two were sauteed together made a most glorious taste explosion in my mouth.

since that fateful evening, i have been absolutely in love with red bell pepper.  I even occasionally give green bell pepper a chance.  just yesterday i read the awesome nutritional benefits of red bell pepper, as if i wasn’t hooked already.

funny…i just remembered that that evening i told colin, who lived in nyc for a few years, that i myself wanted to move to brooklyn.  he encouraged this decision, and it was only 5 or 6 months after this that i moved here.  interesting.

anyhow, thanks for the introduction to red bell pepper colin–and for not making fun of me when i said i wanted to move here.

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