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alienation station…

January 5, 2010

do you ever have those days where it seems like you’re pissing off everyone in your life?  that’s how this weekend was for me.  i was just kind of a cranky and impatient bastard and ended up alienating some friends and that really isn’t okay.  i apologized of course.  there were certainly transgressions on their end, but my reactions were a little over the top.  it’s not like i threw a shit fit or anything…in fact, i’m not even sure what i did wrong to upset them so much…this made me think of my dad.

my dad has alienated almost everyone in his life, and a few months ago he admitted it.  i believe hell froze over that day.  i don’t have the best relationship with him but i am making an effort regardless of how his actions make me feel because, alas, he is my father.  but i’m always afraid that one day i’ll wake up and be just like him, or worse.

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