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January 2, 2010

so lately i’m mostly obsessed with reading about how women are not allowed to get angry.  i mean, we get angry, but our anger isn’t taken seriously.  examples are in two of the books i’m reading now journal of solitude by may sarton and writing a woman’s life by carolyn g. heilbrun.

one of the main issues that these writers are presenting (in the books i’m reading) is the fact that women are not allowed anger.  throughout history women are denied a history and a voice (according to simone de beauvoir), and in addition we are also denied anger.  we see this in the double standard: an angry man is powerful and fearful, an angry woman is a crazy bitch–our anger is acknowledged only as an irrational fit coming directly from our hormones.  le sigh.

i don’t know.  i feel like a crazy bitch most of the time, and i usually apologize for being angry even if it is perfectly reasonable for me to be angry.  annoying…very annoying.

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