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oh i wish i had a river…

November 30, 2009

it’s so gloomy outside today!  and i’m bummed about a friend thing, and my students are being cranky, and i have a shit-ton of papers to grade, and i havent been able to sleep for 2 days.  WTF?

i’m singing that song by joni mitchell, ‘river’.  it’s such a pretty song, ‘i would teach my feet to fly’–i wonder where she wanted to go…probably just somewhere away from all of the troubles in her life, lorde knows we all have them.  i’m pretty lucky though.  i have my health (more or less), i have good friends and family, i roof over my head, a job…but there are still things missing.  i want to feel fulfilled and happy and that is not easy to do. 

i can’t believe tomorrow starts december–officially xmas time.  walking around the city yesterday was like a postcard full of shoppers, xmas trees, and xmas music in every store.  i’m not into it this year though.  i don’t know if i was into it last year or not…

well, enough stalling for me.  i need to grade papers and then get the hell out of here.  can’t wait to escape campus, ‘i wish i had a river, i could skate away on…”

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