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shit changes FAST here in nyc

November 14, 2009

IMG_1763so i went back to brooklyn bridge park a few days ago and was surprised at what i saw.

i was there about 3 weeks ago and had a wonderful time.  it was a crisp, beautiful, fall day, and i was smart enough to bring my camera.  i went to the park with a gentleman friend who i cared very much for, and that also happened to be the last time we spent time together.  it is for the best, but it still makes me a little sad.

notice the picture.  see how my feet are dangling over some dark water?  well i was sitting on a dilapidated boardwalk thingy that was about 5 feet or so over the water. when i went back there this past week, the water level was almost swallowing up that boardwalk!  there had been a small beach that we walked on to get to the boardwalk and that too was gone.  crazy.

the east river’s water level grew tremendously in merely two weeks.  the place i had been last month was no longer there, just like my friendship isn’t really there anymore either.  sorry for getting all emo-sensitive-sentimental on y’all…it was just interesting to see how quickly things change in life and in ‘nature’…if you can call brooklyn bridge park and the east river nature…


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