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rough tuesday…

October 8, 2009

this past tuesday was a rough day. in addition to recovering from the minor heartache i was experiences, a whole slew of events occurred.   the next post entitled “fucking patriarchy” will explain what happened at school in more detail, but basically i was insulted and sexually harassed by another professor.  yeah, not-so-awesome.

after this i went home and watched a wonderful movie, but it happened to make me cry…a lot…it could have been as a result of a weakened emotional state, but regardless, i was inconsolable.  once the movie was over, my mom called me to let me know she had been in a horrible car accident.  that was it.  that was the straw that broke dahlia’s back. mom is fine, thank goodness.  miraculously she has no broken bones or visible signs of trauma, though i am still worried about internal stuff (even though they did a scan of her head and body).

so after calling 3 or 4 people, bawling my eyes out, i decided to go out and do something positive.  i went to get a pumpkin with my friend, didn’t end up finding one, so we had apple cider and latkes at “an nyu student’s staple”,  veselka coffee shop.


picture from

while chatting and eating, i started to fade.  the emotions from the last several days were overwhelming and i felt like i had just been smacked in the head with the sleepy stick.

heading home around 11pm, i snuggled into bed with my little ones and went to sleep, happily knowing that wednesday was my day off and i could just recover from a remarkably difficult day.

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