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October 5, 2009

goddamnit dahlia, why must you be so fucking dramatic about stupid shit?  stupid world, conditioning men and women to aspire to romantic ideals that we will never be able to meet or achieve.  this means that we are always looking for something or someone that does not exist.  not to say people cannot be happy and in love, but it doesn’t last forever; like culture and society, it is in constant motion as the roles of men and women change.

blarrrrrrgh.  i bet it’s a good thing no one really reads my blog since i write about stupid shit.  any way, i have about 11 minutes before i have to go in and teach women’s history.  i always think i dont know what to talk about, but then i read a page out of my book and my mind is OFF!  i automatically know what to say and do, i guess you can say ‘i’ve a call’.  anyone know where that’s from?

my constant allusion to popular culture, books, and songs is…well, constant.  so much so that i told my students ‘if you catch a quote or something i say and know where it’s from, tell me and i’ll give you extra credit’.  so far no one has gotten any.  haha.

anyway, i’m feeling just fine and will only continue to flourish, just remind me to knock that romantic bullshit off next time it happens again…fucking patriarchy.

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