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the Greatest feeling in the World!

October 3, 2009

i’m not sure if i’ve ever been head over heels in love even though i’ve loved many people.  but i know how a feeling to compare it with: teaching.  i feel like the happiest, most alive person in the universe when i am talking to my students.  they are amazing.

i taught a 3 hr women’s studies class last night and it was wonderful.  i talked about privilege and explained what it meant.  then i split the class into groups to discuss it, and they did!  they talked about it for a half hour!  nonstop!  i had to pull them away.  one student said “geez professor…i’ve never had to think about this before.  it’s really hard…”  and i was like “YES!  MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!”

I have never been happier in anything in my life.  i love the way they ask me questions, nod their heads in agreement with me, and get nervous around me.  they’re wonderful and i can see myself doing this for a long time.

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