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September 27, 2009

yes, it has been a while.  i cannot explain the absence really, except to say i have had a long, hard summer, and not in a good way.

i am a teacher of community college now.  i teach 3 courses: women in american history and two intro to women’s studies classes.  this is my dream people, and i have never been happier.

granted , i am still a young woman and i have certain ‘needs’.  i met someone on thursday night.  he was amazing.  my age, graduated with a degree in music, smart, reads, interesting life etc.  however, he has a girlfriend.  though she is far away, i respect the basic ideals of propriety and must bugger off.  however, we spent an amazing day together drinking coffee, walking through prospect park and the brooklyn botanical gardens (where incidentally i got both of us in for free because i teach at a BK community college–i also saw a student of mine on the way there…she called me prof and it was weird).

alas, the most amazing people we may meet may never come into our lives again.  but that one beautiful day will live in my memory for a long time, and perhaps that is more valuable than any long term relationship.

new york city, i love you.

❤ dahlia

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