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bad blogger, bad!!!

July 25, 2009

it’s been a whole week since i blogged, that’s not good.

so this week was pretty uneventful.  i was sick again and uncomfortable most of the time.  i also had to tell my job that i was offered an internship.  OH YEAH!  i was offered an internship at BUST magazine!  I’m so excited and it is such an incredible opportunity for me because of my research (I have never been closer to having my masters in women’s studies done…i can’t believe it….) and just my interest in feminist studies and pop culture.  SO EXCITED! so i had to tell my work that i needed to take this opportunity and they are less than thrilled…

i also got to spend some time with the two most awesome people in the world: killachimps.  this couple has helped me and mike so much since we moved to new york.  they are so wonderful–they took me (in their car) grocery shopping, out to lunch, offered to take me to ikea, gave me a shelf, put the shelf up, and hung out with me.  it was so much fun!  then they made us dinner on thursday night.  they’re just great, and they’re my friends, ha ha ha!

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