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my first solo brooklyn bike ride!

July 9, 2009

yesterday while at were 2 stressful things happened.  one was my coworker was freaking the shit out over a largely personal matter.  though this didn’t involve me, the yells, laughs, and guffaws only added stress of everyday life.  but i handled it fine.

the second was a biggie.  i received my signature page from my 2nd reader.  i went to open it (standard letter envelop), and the sticky part of the envelop stuck to my page and ripped it.  RIPPED IT!  i thought i would have  a heart attack.  my 3rd reader is out of the country until who knows when, it took over a week to get it to readers 1 and 2, and my eyes were welling up.  i frantically searched for the number of the thesis reviewer, called, left a message, and ran to the bathroom.  i was shaking and tried to tell myself to calm down but it wasn’t working.

the thesis reviewer called back to let me know everything was probably fine, and i calmed down a little, but still!  it was then i decided i would go for a bike ride.

i got home, pumped up my tires, and off i went.  i was pretty nervous since i’m not the best rider, but i did okay.  i rode from my apartment in bushwick to williamsburg, made a pitstop at the domino factory (nice view of the east river and east side) and headed home.  it was great fun!  the only downside is my ass is killing me today!

i hope to make bike rides a daily endeavor, working my way up from 5 miles (what i did last night) to…um…more?  my goal is to be able to ride to work.  the incline on the williamsburg bridge looks massive to me, and i think i would pass out if i tried it now, but i gotta do it sometime, right?

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