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ah NYC, i missed your f*&#*%? crazy ass…

July 8, 2009

so i was in my hometown, merced, CA for the 4th of July weekend and it was a relatively pleasant stay.  i was with my mom pretty much the whole time, and i got to enjoy a visit with family members and some old friends.  the weather was beautiful, much to my surprise.  it’s usually between 100 and 115 degrees in mid summer, and i was lucky enough to enjoy some moderate, dare i say breezy weather.

i arrived back in NYC around 1am this morning, slept in, and was off to work around 1pm.  as i was waiting at the train station, a woman with a heavy staten island accent was shouting into her cell phone:

“that f&^%#@* *#&$ is going to take half of my money!  i was supposed to get $2700 and she’s only giving me $1000.  when i found out, i’m embarassed to say, i shit myself.  i did, but don’t worry, i cleaned my clothes and myself up and then boraxed the shower so it’s clean and you can take a shower now.  but anyway she’s going to come and see me this afternoon so can you come? <pause> but i need your support!  and i need a hit.  can you get me a hit before i get my money?  I NEED YOUR SUPPORT GOD DAMNIT”

wow…at that point i moved far away from her so i wouldn’t be in the same car.  welcome home to nyc dahlia, welcome home.

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