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welcome to the darkside…

June 23, 2009

within 5 minutes today i saw things that broke my heart.  i was walking to the train and there were two men in a verbal altercation that ended with one man slapping the other.  the man who he slapped was elderly and not completely lucid, and he started to cry and said “you belong in jail”.  it was a horrible thing to witness, and in those situations there is very little one can do but contact the “authorities”, which can actually make things worse.

next i saw a police officer escorting a man off the train.  he actually said, “step into my office” as he pushed the guy over to a bench in the station.  that depressed me too because there was a mother with two small children who was trying to shield them from the scene.  as i stepped onto the platform and looked out onto the graffittied brooklyn houses, broken glass, and trash everywhere thinking “who in the hell would bring MORE people into this world?”  it was just awful.

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