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“not sure how to proceed…”

June 23, 2009

so i’ve been meaning to comment on this little experience of mine.  i will not go into details about this incident, so i’ll just say someone who annoys me to the core contacted me (after i thought i made it expressly clear that i do not what this person to contact me).  apparently this person still reads my blog.  i wrote an email to this person saying they remind me of how stupid i was, so please don’t contact me anymore.  later i saw their twitter and it said “not sure how to proceed in this situation”.

eh em, and the rant begins…NOW: what the hell do you mean you’re “not sure how to proceed”?  i think i made it pretty clear.  you DON’T proceed.  you leave me ALONE!  DUH!  don’t comment on my blog, don’t send me emails or texts, i don’t want to talk to you.  is that clearer, douchebag?

phew, had to get that out.  on a lighter note, the empire state building looks beautiful today.  =)

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