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hand in the air, praise jesus!

June 22, 2009

okay, so i don’t want to make any overtly anti-religion comments, especially because i probably have family and friends who read this post, but something interesting happened on the ride in to work today.

i was on the ‘J’ express train going toward manhattan (from brooklyn) when my train stopped.  apparently the little switchy-thingies that put express trains back on the local routes to make stops weren’t working.  eep!  fortunately we were above ground, so it wasn’t as scary-also, i had cell reception and could call work to let them know i was running *extra* late (i was already running late anyway).

so honestly, i LOVED being stranded.  i read that one should prepare oneself for work (especially if she does not particularly enjoy her job all the time).  this delay helped me center myself, enjoy some solitude, and by the time i arrived at work i felt okay to be here.  AMAZING!  so i need to find a way to replicate that.  i was stuck on the motionless train suspended above brooklyn for about 20 minutes, so i figure all i need is 20-30 minutes of work-prep dahlia time and i’ll be good.  what a glorious revelation!

when the train started moving again a few of the women in my car started raising their hands and tapping their chests saying “praise jesus” or “hallelujah”.  i liked this.  i don’t think jesus or hal had anything to do with the train moving again, but they were able to thank something.  what will i thank?  the switchy-board operators who quite speedily fixed the tracks, and also karma–and the delish guayaki yerba mate company for fixing a rasberry revolution drink for me to enjoy while i waited.

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