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OMG! 2 months since last blog!

June 10, 2009

so i was talking to an old friend from gradeschool and she commented that she liked my blog (thanks krystal!)  that inspired me to continue writing.

what have i done in the last 2 months?  finished my mother effing thesis, that’s what!  EY OH!  my 2nd and 3rd reader are reviewing it now.  hopefully it will be “good” enough to sign off.  if all goes according to plan, i will have my master’s degree as of august 09.  w00t!

what else have i done…nothing else really.  the thesis took up all of my time.  i’m trying to go completely vegan now, but it’s difficult at times, especially when i don’t eat right and my blood sugar crashes.  then i just stuff anything in my face so i don’t pass out.  damn hypoglycemia.  i started a website on blogger with vegan recipes.  i don’t know the exact address, but i’ll post it once i have it.

now that i’m almost done with school, i hope to write here more.  nyc has been rough on me the last few months, but i have not been present.  i’ve been so stressed and worried about the thesis that i can’t think about anything else.  once it’s over i can move on.

speaking of moving, i moved into a new apartment in bushwick (brooklyn hood).  it’s cool–i’ll post pics as soon as i can.

until later!

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