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williamsburg on an early spring afternoon…

March 9, 2009
williamsburg bridge-brooklyn view/domino sugar factory

williamsburg bridge-brooklyn view

this past saturday was simply fabulous darling.  i spent the afternoon with my friend sarah and we did new york proud, especially in one of the trendy neighborhoods of brooklyn, williamsburg.  we started the day meeting at the union square farmer’s market.  it was nice, but compared to a san diego farmer’s market…there is no comparison.  it was still neat to see the fresh fruit stands (almost only selling apples) and the one place that had veggies (carrots, potatos, tomatos…lots of leafy greens, and that’s it).  after that, we decided to head to brooklyn for some $3 falafel sandwiches.  OM OM OM.  we ate our yummy falafel in maccaren park and then walked to el beit, a great little coffee joint i frequent.

after my food and caffeine fix we moved on to spoonbill books, a place i MUST go anytime i’m near the bedford ave ‘L’ stop, and i actually picked up a copy of a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith.  one would think i had read it considering it is the namesake for this site, but i’ve only seen the 1945 film adaptation of it (long ago, i barely remember it).  it is such an amazing book so far, i can’t seem to put it down.

i finally broke down and bought a pair of earrings i’ve been eying in a boutique, checked out another thrift store (bought a shirt), walked into an amazing chocolate shop, then came home.  it was a long day but a good day.  i actually think it was maybe too-good of a day because i got home with a sad, gloomy feeling.  it didn’t help that the weather became overcast and hinted of rain (which came the next day).  at any rate, it was a nice day that made me feel a little too priveleged to be in such an amazing place–and have weekends off.

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