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“hey babe” and “thanks sweetie”

January 30, 2009

here's what you can do with your "babe" and "sweetie"

i’m not going to apologize for any of this because that is part of the whole problem, regardless of what culture says goddamnit.

i am SICK AND TIRED OF BEING CALLED “baby”, “honey”, “sweetie”, “babe” and any other variants by MEN WHO ARE STRANGERS!  there is an occassional older gentlemen who does not sound sleazy when calling me one of these little names but that is rare.  i’m fucking sick of it!  i don’t know you, i probably wouldn’t like you if i did, so back the fuck off.  for the most part i can handle honey and sweetie.  but baby and babe?  WHAT THE FUCK!  take your baby and babe and shove them up your dumb ass!

this is a fundamental issue with our society, acting like it’s okay to talk to women who are strangers in this familiar way.  i don’t like it and it bothers me.  there.  i’ve said my peace.

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  1. Nels permalink
    March 8, 2009 6:29 am

    You tell em Princess! (j/k)

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