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January 9, 2009

i have some interesting neighbors.  Downstairs there are 2 couples who do not interact with myself or my roommate.  they seem nice but disinterested in having any kind of relationship with us.  the second floor houses me, mike, and my 2 dogs.  above us is a guy who is super sweet, considerate, and overall completely awesome.  he has one or two loud parties a month, but never forgets to warn us and invite us.  we love him dearly.

the problem for me is the downstairs neighbors.  we have just a mail slot for the whole building, so all of our mail ends up on the floor in our entry way.  one couple downstairs gets A TON of mail and only picks it up once or twice a week.  this creates quite the pile on the ground.  the other couple smokes like crazy in their apartment.  as most of us know, smoke rises–into our heating vent and then into our apartment.  the bedroom isn’t so bad, but the living room smells horrible at night.  i hate it hate it hate it!  but i am a chickenshit and do not know how to confront them about it.  but

you all know what smoke does in confined spaces right?  makes EVERYTHING smell like stale smoke!  it makes me so mad i just want to scream and flail about in a temper tantrum sometimes, yet I am worried about confronting them.  does second hand smoke smell kill too???

this has been my mini-rant about brooklyn neighbors.  i don’t have it so bad, believe me, i’ve had worse, but the smoke thing really bothers me…

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