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xmas alone: tragic? hellz no!

December 21, 2008
my trainstop, covered in snow!

my trainstop, covered in snow!

so my xmas plans needed to be altered.  originally i was supposed to go with mike up to Massachusetts and spend xmas eve and day with his family.  my dogs would be there and i’d have a “real” white xmas and stuff.  i was  looking forward to it, but then a few things happened.  1). my store was supposed to be closed on xmas eve, and no one informed me that there was a change in plans so i was scheduled that day; 2). it is crazy stormy with snow and rain and ice and stuff…making traveling back to nyc to catch my flight on the 26th very problematic;  3).  mike’s sister will not be with his family this xmas which makes his presence there imperative, 4). expedia = inability to change flights w/out humungo cancellation penalties…i need a 5th because i hate even numbers…5). i still need to do last minute nyc xmas shopping (tourist-y shit for family etc)

so basically i need to stay in nyc on xmas eve and day.  my dogs will be gone (this really bums me out), and pretty much everyone i know in nyc are transplants like me so they are going home for the holidays.  i looked into my different options and settled on taking advantage of the awesome holiday discounts at nice hotels.  i’m staying at a chic little upper west side hotel with a view of central park, a 24-hour diner across the street, cable, room service and other fancy, bougie things i enjoy from time to time.  i know what some of you are thinking: tragic.  i don’t think so.  i do have a twinge of sadness, but the more i analyze it the more i realize that this holiday is merely a socially-constructed tradition that says we should be with biological family, and i disagree.  i love my bio-family, don’t get me wrong, but i have so many traumatic holiday memories that make me miserable this time of year, and now i get to do whatever the hell i want on xmas.  i’m going to write, read, play music, watch movies, eat whatever i want, wrap gifts for my wonderful niece and nephew, my mom, and other fantastic people in my life.  this is a present for me.  plus, for the first time in my life i get a white xmas in the greatest city in the world.  i can stroll through central park singing xmas carols, possibly meet other xmas ‘orphans’, and have a glorious couple of days.

so no pity here, please.  i’m excited!

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