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obligatory homesickness…

December 3, 2008

so the last several months i have tried to not think about the home i left behind.  but today i feel i need to think about it…i’m very homesick.

i would wake up (almost) every morning, wake up the man sleeping next to me, and take him and my 2 dogs for a walk to mystic mocha.  mystic mocha is this amazing little cafe painted in funky colors with butterflies on the walls, and kathleen’s homemade jewelry for sale.  every morning they would have the daily horoscope taped to the counter right next to the sign that said “we desperately need $5s and $10s!!!”  if Oscar was working (i miss him soooooooooo much!), he’d make me a 16 oz soy milky way mocha with whip and extra caramel drizzle, but only charge me for a 12oz.  then i’d look at the food menu, wish i had enough money to eat, and walk out to sit at a little table with my lover, sipping my coffee and keeping my dogs from barking at other dogs.  there was a little baby named Kaia who I met when she was about 10 mos old, and I watched her grow from baby to toddler over the last year and a half.  she’s probably there today with her mom and dad.

i miss home so much right now.  i just miss that feeling of belonging and knowing that someone I loved was right around the corner.  I miss riding my bike without the fear (TRUE FEAR) of someone running me over (almost happened here in brooklyn).  I miss josh, brodies and monica, michelle, mary, and hillcrest being just a walk or bike ride away.  i miss the beach even though i rarely ever went to the beach.  i’m very, very homesick today.

my feet in the sand

my feet in the sand

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