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note to self: blog more often.

November 16, 2008

so it’s been really hard for me to blog lately, mostly because i’ve had a crazy schedule.  notice i said HAD?  well, i am done with one of my jobs now!  no more afternoon job with children.  don’t get me wrong, i love working with kids, but i was not enjoying myself there.  the kids were kids in the sense that they were loud, obnoxious, and rude.  that was aggravating, and after working with bratty wall street business people i had only a microbe of patience left for bratty grade school kids.  but the most significant factor in my decision was the commute.  the school is located in bensonhurst which is about a one hour commute from my house (both ways).  and i had to transfer stations which isn’t awful, unless it’s 30 degrees outside and raining.

blah blah blah, i’m done with that so now it’s time to focus on more important things: my blog!  no, no, my thesis, but i’m hoping i will have more energy now that i have only one shift a day, but we’ll see.  my goal is to work at LEAST 3 hours a day, and after that i will feel better about myself, i think…i hope.  in the meantime, i’m going to upload some pictures later today (after thesis work) and i’ll be off!

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