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looking forward to no longer looking like sh*t…

November 2, 2008

so i have been rather stressed and busy as of late.  i have also been exhausted and my immune system has completely forsaken me.  See below.

Here is a typical day in the life of Dahlia:
4:30 am Wake up and get dressed in the dark
5:03 am Take train into Manhattan Financial District
5:30 am Start work at Starbucks
7:15 am 10 min break
11 am Leave Starbucks for home
12 pm Arrive home, eat, change, read, usually nap
1:30 pm Take G train to Fulton street, walk to Atlantic/Pacific Ave
1:45 pm Get coffee at Atlantic Ave Station
2 pm Catch D train to Bensonhurst (Brooklyn hood)
2:30 pm Arrive at school and teach
6 pm Leave Bensonhurst for home
7 pm Home – eat, read, maybe write
8 pm – 10 pm fight off sleep until after 10pm
10 pm CRASH
Yup…the exciting life prior to having a degree…I really need to get my thesis done so I can get better jobs…oye vey.
I have 2 weeks left working at the school, and after that i am hoping to have a little more time and energy to work on my thesis as well as get a little more rest.  i truly do look like hell every day and i erally, really hope things get better soon.  in the meantime, there is coffee, dayquil and theraflu.
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